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Basic Autoresponder Information

Basic Autoresponder Information :

What does the OptinZip Follow Up Autoresponse System do?

The OptinZip Follow Up Autoresponse System takes the concept of the basic e-mail autoresponse one step further: A standard autoresponder automatically sends out one immediate message. The OptinZip system does that, and then automatically sends unlimited follow up messages over the following days, weeks, and months. You don't have to do anything!

For example, take the case of Jim. Jim sells furniture from his website, FurnitureByJim.com. Jim found himself drowning in his manual follow up process, so he ordered an OptinZip autoresponder. He imported all of his follow up e-mails into the OptinZip autoresponder.

Now, prospects who want more information about Jim's furniture fill out a simple form on his web site, or send an e-mail to furniture-by-jim@optinzip.com. This adds the prospect to Jim's OptinZip lead list. The OptinZip system sends the prospect Jim's autoresponse, and notifies Jim of his new lead. OptinZip is now hard at work following up with the lead.

The next day, the OptinZip system sends the lead Jim's first follow up message. Several days later, it sends his second. After a week, OptinZip sends the lead Jim's third follow up message, and so on, and so forth. This process continues until all of Jim's follow up messages are sent to the lead, or the lead unsubscribes from Jim's autoresponder.

Note that Jim set the intervals between his follow up messages exactly the way he wanted them. He could have had all of his messages sent within the first week. Or, he could have spaced them out with months in between!

Each message that the lead receives looks like it's sent directly from Jim. There are no ads, and nothing mentions OptinZip. If the lead clicks "reply" while reading one of the messages, his reply will go straight to Jim's e-mail address - not to OptinZip.

Any time he needs to, Jim can login to his OptinZip Online Control Panel. There he can manage all of his messages and leads, and view graphs or statistics detailing his success.

The OptinZip system automates the whole follow up process. Jim is free to focus on other aspects of his business, because OptinZip takes all of the work out of following up.

To get your own OptinZip autoresponder, go to OptinZip's secure online ordering page. Accounts are set up instantly - you could be using yours in just minutes!

What features does OptinZip have?

OptinZip's autoresponder and newsletter solution boasts a number of impressive features listed here.

What are prospects, leads, and customers?

Whatever business you may be in, you are probably investigating the OptinZip product because you sell something. During the period leading up to and directly following a sale, you deal with prospects, leads, and customers.

Someone who is just looking at your company's web site or real world ad is a "prospect" - a prospective customer. Prospects are still "just looking."

Someone who has expressed further interest in your wares by requesting more information, (e.g. e-mailing your OptinZip autoresponder address), is a "lead."

Finally, someone who has actually purchased your wares is a "customer."

In order to make a sale, you have to turn your prospects into leads, and then turn those leads into customers.

ProfitInfo.com has no direct contact with your prospects until they e-mail your OptinZip autoresponder for more information saying, in effect, that they wish to become leads. OptinZip then contacts your leads directly, on your behalf, over a period of time. When your leads are ready, they contact you and make a purchase.

What are autoresponders and follow up messages?

An autoresponse message is an e-mail that you can have automatically sent out to anyone who e-mails you, as soon as you receive his or her e-mail. Follow up messages are e-mails that you normally have to type and send out yourself over the days and weeks following your autoresponse, as you struggle to keep your products in front of your prospects. The OptinZip system will not only send your autoresponse to your leads, but will also send your follow up messages out automatically, at intervals that you choose.

What is a "login name"?

You will choose a login name when you sign up for your first OptinZip autoresponder. With this login name, you will control all of your OptinZip autoresponders.

In order to access any of your autoresponders through your Customer Control panel, you will need to supply your login name and password.

What is a "list name"?

The "list name" is the name of an autoresponder. It is also the first part of the autoresponder's e-mail address: When you purchase an autoresponder, OptinZip will automatically generate a list name for it. You can later change the automatically generated name to one with which you are more comfortable. To change an autoresponder's list name:

How do I control my OptinZip account?

You can view and update your OptinZip account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through the OptinZip Online Customer Control Panel. View, add, or delete leads, update your autoresponder and follow up messages, and access billing information with this easy to use web tool. Login from the OptinZip main page using your login name and password.