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Broadcast Messages (Mailing List Capability)

Broadcast Messages (Mailing List Capability):

What are broadcast messages?

Broadcast messages are messages that you can compose and send to your entire list of OptinZip leads at any time. Broadcast messages are independent of the autoresponse and follow up messages that your OptinZip autoresponder sends out. Sending broadcast messages does not in any way effect your autoresponder or follow up messages. If you are using your OptinZip autoresponder as a mailing list tool, you will use the broadcast message feature frequently.

Use the broadcast message function to notify your leads of sales, company policy changes, new products, etc.. Or use the feature to send newsletters to your customer base, or to run a full fledged mailing list. The possibilities are endless.

How can I use OptinZip's mailing list capability?

The "Broadcast Message" feature allows each OptinZip autoresponder to act as a mailing list. Instructions for using your autoresponder this way are in the Customer Control Panel:

How can I send a broadcast message to my leads?

How can I send a broadcast message to only some of my leads (a view)?

By default, broadcast messages will be sent to all of your active leads. However, you can send a broadcast to only part of your list of leads by using a view. First, create a view of the leads to which you want this particular broadcast sent. Then, broadcast a message to that view:

How can I create a broadcast message now, but have it sent in the future?

With the "delayed broadcast" feature you can create a broadcast message now, but have it sent on a future date. To use this feature:

How can I delete a broadcast message?

A new OptinZip feature allows you to delete broadcast messages that have not yet been sent to your leads! Any broadcast message that has not been queued can be deleted. Queued broadcasts can be deleted only if they are scheduled to be sent out more than 24 hours from the current time.

To delete a qualifying broadcast message:

How do I create a broadcast split test?

"Split Testing" is a term originally used by mail order companies. When they send a mailing to their list they split it into several different segments. For example, someone with a 10,000 person list might split this into 3 segments, a list of 2500, another of 2500, and a third with 5000. They then send a message to the first two batches with similar content, except for one minor change such as a headline, the price, or testimonials. When those two campaigns are sent the marketer measures which performs better. They then take that better performing letter and send it to the remaining 5000 people on their list to get the best results from their list as possible.

This process carries over into the online world enabling online marketers to measure the letter with the best performing open rate, click-thru rate, or overall sales generated.

With OptinZip's broadcast split testing, a marketer can test up to 4 split test groups of varying percentages. For example, tell OptinZip that you want a split test with 10%, 10%, 10%, and a final group of 70% and it will automatically randomly divide your opt-in list into unique groups. You can then enter your broadcast text into those messages and send them. Send your broadcasts all at once or wait for feedback and results before mailing each group.

OptinZip's split testing feature offers a level of testing and results oriented feedback that no other autoresponder or newsletter delivery service offers.

How quickly are broadcast messages sent out?

Broadcast newsletter messages are generally sent within 30 minutes for all but the largest of subscriber lists. Historical statistics show that over 96% of all broadcasts are completely sent within 10 minutes. Before inquring about the sending status of any broadcast please allow at least 2 hours to elapse to account for extremely high volume which occurs occasionally.

May I place broadcasts automatically on my website?

Broadcasts may be automatically made available via a website by activating the "RSS/HTML Feed" option for each message in the Customer Control Panel. When creating a new broadcast, check the box at the bottom of the broadcast titled, "Publish in RSS/XML feed or HTML archive". This places each broadcast in a formatted page that you can link to from your website. Link to this website by replacing the text "listname" with your own list name in the website address below: New broadcasts will automatically added to that list with the feed activated. To activate archiving on broadcasts you have already sent, view each message in the customer Control Panel and click the URL at the bottom of each message to activate web archiving.

May I publish an RSS/XML feed of my broadcast messages?

RSS, also known as Really Simple Syndication, is an XML language that formats website data in such a way that it can be read by special software call RSS aggregators or news aggregators. This allows someone to subscribe to that website and receive quick summaries of that website when it is updated.

When a customer creates a new broadcast newsletter they have the ability to publish that message to an online archive accessible via RSS. When creating a new broadcast, check the box at the bottom of the broadcast titled, "Publish in RSS/XML feed or HTML archive". This automatically places the new broadcast in the RSS feed.

After you have activated several broadcasts for RSS distribution you will want to place a link to your RSS feed on your website. Do this by replacing the text "listname" with your own list name in the website address below: