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How do I add new leads?

You can add leads to your OptinZip autoresponder in three different ways:
  1. Through a form on your own web site: If you have a web site, you can put a simple html form on it through which leads can add themselves to your OptinZip autoresponder. When a prospect enters his name and e-mail address on the form, he is added to your OptinZip autoresponder as a lead.

    Specific instructions for adding this form for a specific list, including the html code itself, are in the OptinZip Customer Control Panel. From the main Control Panel page, click the "How to Get Started" link, and scroll down to step #4.

    For general information on adding the web form to a website see the generalized HTML web form below.

  2. By E-mailing Your OptinZip Autoresponder Directly: When you ordered your OptinZip autoresponder, a list name was generated for it. Your listname@optinzip.com is your OptinZip e-mail address. Anyone who e-mails that address will be automatically added to your OptinZip autoresponder as a lead. You can post your OptinZip e-mail address on your web site:

      "For more information e-mail listname@optinzip.com!"

    (Note that you can change your automatically-generated list name to a name with which you are more comfortable.)

  3. Via Manual Lead Entry: You can also manually enter lead names and e-mail addresses via your customer control panel. From the main Customer Control Panel page, click on the "Leads" tab. Then click the "Add Lead" option to enter one lead at a time, or the "Import List" option to import a list of leads. Follow the instructions that come up on the page.

How do I add a form to my website for opt-in requests?

If you have your own web site, then your prospects can add themselves to your OptinZip leads list from there! Just add the form below to your web site, and direct your customers to it. Each prospect will type his e-mail address into the form, and be added to your OptinZip leads list. Your form will look like this:

For More Information
Your Name:
Your E-mail Address:

To make this form work with your OptinZip Follow Up Autoresponder:

Edit #1; The "Thank You" Page:
After your prospect clicks the "Submit" button, he will be taken to a "Thank You" web page. You need to create your own "Thank You" page. In the HTML above, the redirect URL in the 3rd line reads "http://www.optinzip.com/". Change that URL to that of your "Thank You" page. Your thank you page should include the full URL, something like "http://www.yourdomain.com/thankyou.htm".

Edit #2; Ad Tracking:
To incorporate the ad tracking feature into your web form, simply change the 4th line of the HTML above to include the tracking id you want to use. The word "adcategory" can be changed to be any tracking category you would like. For example, change it to "ezine_ad", "website", "postcard1", or any other text describing this ad. The ad tracking category can contain up to 20 characters, and must be placed between quotes.

Edit #3; Message Number:
In the 5th line of the HTML, the "meta_message" value is set to "1". If you want each new lead to receive your autoresponse and all follow up messages, then leave this field set to "1".

If you do not want your new leads to receive your autoresponse, then set the "meta_message" value higher than 1 - that number message will be the first one sent to that lead.

If you want your new leads to receive neither the autoresponder nor your follow up messages, set the "meta_message" value to the word "none".

Edit #4; Required Fields:
The "required fields" feature lets you make certain fields required in order for the form to be submitted. To make a field required, just add its name to the "meta_required" value on the 6th line above.

Optional #5; Post Form Variables to Thank You Page:
If you would like to personalize your thank you page with information submitted by the user, set the "meta_forward_vars" value to 1. This will tell the system to post the form data to your thank you page and your programmer can include that data in the web page. For example, with "meta_forward_vars" set to 1, enter the javascript located in the textbox below to the top of your website, and you would be able to type "" into your thank you page and it will print the leads name they just filled in.

Optional #6; Additional Fields:
If you wish to collect other data such as phone number, address, etc. you should login to your account to setup custom lead fields. Login and click on "List Settings -> Custom Fields". Once you have setup the custom fields you wish to collect click on "Help -> Web Form Setup" and copy the HTML to your website for the web form. This HTML will be different than the HTML above and allow you to store those fields online with your leads. Any additional fields of data will be emailed to you along with the confirmation email you receive as your leads fill out the form.

How do I know when leads add themselves to my leads list?

A copy of each e-mail, which leads send to your OptinZip autoresponder address, will be forwarded to the personal e-mail address that OptinZip has on file for you. This way, you not only know when leads are being added to your autoresponder, but you can also answer any questions new leads have, that may not be covered in your autoresponse message.

With verified opt-in turned on, confirmation messages of new leads will only be sent after the lead verifies. This helps screen bogus subscriptions and spam messages that may have been sent to your autoresponder email address.

How can I import a list of leads?

Import a list of leads into your OptinZip autoresponder all at once with the Customer Control Panel's "Import List" feature. This can be used to import up to 2,000 leads per day.

First, list your leads in a text file in one of the formats described below. List only one lead per line.

(Note that your data can use any delimiter, including tabs - you do not have to use the tilde that the examples below use.)

E-mail Only Format:

E-mail and Name Format:
john@doe.com~John Doe
jack@frost.com~Jack Frost

E-mail, Name, and Message Number Format:
john@doe.com~John Doe~0
jack@frost.com~Jack Frost~0

To Import Your Formatted Lead List:

How can I delete a lead using the Customer Control Panel?

Using your Online Customer Control Panel, you can delete one lead at a time, or a group of leads at once:

Deleting One Lead at a Time: Deleting A Group of Leads at Once: Note that the addresses you wish to unsubscribe can be listed in any format, even sprinkled throughout extra text. For instance, let's say that you've received the following message from one of your leads:
You can copy that whole message, paste it into the "Leads" text box, and click the "Unsubscribe" button. The system will remove all of the e-mail addresses mentioned in the message from your autoresponder, including:

How can I delete a lead via e-mail?

You can now remove leads from your OptinZip autoresponder without logging in to your control panel! Using this feature, you can also specify a value under which to classify each removal. This allows you use other parts of your Control Panel to generate reports detailing leads you've deleted. SUGGESTED USE OF E-MAIL LEAD REMOVAL: DIRECTIONS:
Removing leads via e-mail is relatively simple: Send a message to your OptinZip autoresponder e-mail address (listname@optinzip.com) with the subject set to:


"Lead@e-mail.com" is the e-mail address of the lead you wish to remove from your list. "Ad Tracking" is an ad tracking category you wish to classify this removal under. "List1" and "list2" are the OptinZip lists from which you wish to remove this lead. Note that the e-mail address you send this removal request from must be listed in the "List Settings -> Autoresponder Admin Emails" section of the OptinZip account from which you wish to remove the lead! This is a security measure to make sure that only you and those operating on your behalf can remove leads from your autoresponder. The email does not need to be check for "reply" or "confirmation", it just needs to be listed in that section.

To: listname@optinzip.com
Subject: REMOVE#jack@frost.com#BUY

To: listname@optinzip.com
Subject: REMOVE#john@doe.com#TEST

To: listname@optinzip.com
Subject: REMOVE#fred@smith.net#PRODUCT1#listname

To: listname@optinzip.com
Subject: REMOVE#joe@bob.com#PRODUCT2#listname1,listname2

No confirmation of the removal is sent to the lead; the removal is silent.

Verified Opt-in Usage:

What is verified opt-in?

An opt-in subscription request is received, but actually subscribing it to a list is deferred until confirmation from the listed address is received. Upon receipt of the opt-in request an email is sent to the listed address containing a unique secret code that only the owner of that address can reply with. They can reply via email or a website link with the secret code to verify their subscription. Once verified, the listed address is subscribed to the requested list.

Sometimes called "fully verified opt-in".
Sometimes incorrectly called "double opt-in".

Why do we use it?

Verified opt-in is used to prevent spam and ensure that the email sent to your subscribers is going only to people that have specifically requested it. Anyone can type an email address that does not belong to them into a form for more information. Only verified opt-in ensures that the email address entered actual belongs to the person who entered it.

How can I turn it on?

How can I turn it off?

Verified Opt-in cannot be turned off once it is turned on. It is the best method of managing an opt-in list on the internet. Turning it off would completely defeat the purpose of using it to prevent spam.

Can I send the verification message again?

No, the verification message is only sent once. Sending the verification message more than once would be spamming the addresses that were added maliciously or erroneously.

Can I customize the verification message?

Yes, a personalized message up to 500 characters and 10 lines of text can be entered.

Leads/Prospects - Viewing and Downloading Leads:

Where can I view or search through my leads?

You can view all of your leads, or search for just a few out of your whole list, from the "Manage Leads" page in the Customer Control Panel. To view all of your OptinZip leads: To search for specific leads By using different fields and match criteria, you can zero in on any number of different sub-sets of your whole leads list. You can even combine up to four searches at once! Find leads that were added to your autoresponder during February, and who use AOL e-mail addresses. Or, find all leads who are at a certain point in your follow up message series. Keep track of your marketing campaigns by finding all leads added to a certain ad tracking category within the last month.

Never before has so much lead information been so close at hand!

What does the "Mes" field on the "Manage Leads" page mean?

When you use the Customer Control Panel to display your leads online, they show up in a table. One of the table columns is called "Mes." This column lists the number of the last message that was sent to each lead. The autoresponder is message "1," the first follow up message is message "2," and so on.

Can I download a list of all of my leads?

Yes, you can download a list of all of your leads using the Customer Control Panel:

What do I do when it takes a long time to download my leads list?

If you have a very long list of leads, it may take a long time for you to download it. To decrease the time, only download part of your list at a time:

Leads/Prospects - Deactivating & Reactivating Leads:

How do I deactivate a lead?

To deactivate a lead:

How can I reactivate a lead?

To reactivate a lead:

Leads/Prospects - Blocking Leads:

What does it mean to "block" a lead?

Some people might send spam to your autoresponder, instead of e-mailing to request information. Not only is this annoying, but it can affect your statistics, which can throw off your marketing efforts.

Now, you can block any e-mail address from sending mail to your OptinZip autoresponder. Blocking a lead will prevent that e-mail address from being added to your leads list.

For instructions to block an address, read the next FAQ question.

Where can I view leads that I am currently blocking?

The "Delete" column allows you to un-block a lead.

The "Blocked Messages" column displays the number of times that each lead has attempted to e-mail your autoresponder since being blocked.

The "Date Blocked" column displays the date on which each lead was blocked.

The "Note" column displays a note describing the reason the lead was blocked.

The "User" column displays the part of the blocked lead's e-mail address that comes before the @ sign. For example, if the address spammer@wespamyou.com has been blocked, then the "User" column will read "spammer".

The "Domain" column displays the part of the blocked lead's e-mail address that comes after the @ sign. For example, if the address spammer@wespamyou.com has been blocked, then the "Domain" column will read "wespamyou.com".

In the "Blocked Leads" table, each row represents one Block Rule. A Block Rule can keep either one specific user or all users at a certain domain name from e-mailing your autoresponder. If no "User" value is entered, then all users at that domain will be blocked.

How can I block a lead?

Blocking a lead prevents that e-mail address from being added to your OptinZip leads list. In order to block an address: NOTE: Blocking a lead who is already in your leads list will not remove him from the list. If you are having trouble with a spammer, you must both block him, and remove him from your leads list.

How can I block all leads from one domain?

In the "Blocked Leads" table, each row represents one Block Rule. A Block Rule can keep either one specific user or all users at a certain domain name from e-mailing your autoresponder. To block all users at a single domain, follow the regular instructions to block a lead, but do not enter a "User" value. The system will prevent all users at that domain from e-mailing your autoresponder.

How can I un-block a lead?

To un-block a lead:

Leads/Prospects - Views:

What is a "view"?

When you search through your OptinZip leads, you do so using various search criteria. A "view" is a set of search criteria that has been saved for later use. Use views to easily search for sets of leads, or to broadcast messages to only some of your leads.

Take, for instance, the case of Alan Auto. Alan uses his OptinZip autoresponder to keep track of people who visit his car dealership. Alan uses the "ad tracking" field to indicate which car each lead was most interested in.

Often, Alan uses the "Manage Leads" page in his Customer Control Panel to search for all leads whose ad tracking category is set to "Toyota." Today, Alan saved those search results as a view called "Toyota Leads." Now, looking at all leads interested in Toyotas in easy for Alan - he just displays the "Toyota Leads" view on the "Manage Leads" page.

Alan can also use his new view to broadcast a message to only those leads who are interested in Toyotas. From the "Broadcast Message" page, he simply chooses to broadcast his message to the "Toyota Leads" view.

Alan is excited, because he has also created a "Mitsubishi Leads" view, a "Chevrolet Leads" view, and a "Lease Only" leads view. Every time his dealership offers make-specific discounts, he can broadcast the news to only those leads who he knows are interested in that particular car!

You can make a new view out of any set of search results on the "Manage Leads" page of the Customer Control Panel. For instance, make a view of all leads with AOL e-mail addresses, all leads who have received your first 3 messages, all leads with the last name "Smith," etc..

OptinZip has provided you with some pre-made views, which are already stored in your account. These views include:

How do I create a view?

To create a new view: Note that search criteria make up a view, not individual leads. If you display the "Leads added in the past 24 hours" view today, it will include different leads than it did last week.

Leads/Prospects - Undeliverable Tracking:

What is an "undeliverable lead?"

When a lead's e-mail addresses is incorrect, e-mail cannot be successfully delivered to that lead. These leads are referred to as "undeliverable." OptinZip's undeliverable lead handling features allow you to view a list of your undeliverable leads.

What does OptinZip do with my undeliverable leads?

By default, your account is set to unsubscribe leads after 3 missed permanent failures within 60 days, and those 3 times must be separated by at least 7 days.

How can I view a list of my undeliverable leads?

To view your undeliverable leads from the past 60 days: