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RSS/XML Archives & Feed Broadcaster

RSS/XML Archives

Feed Broadcaster

RSS/XML Archives:

What is RSS/XML?

RSS stands for "Real Simple Syndication" which is a specific type of file format that can be automatically read by News Aggregators that subscribers have installed on their computers.

Many websites publish an RSS feed that a visitor can add to their news reader and get automatic updates when new items are published. This is a method of receiving news without using email and without the potential problems of email filters inacurately filtering messages.

RSS is a new technology that according to a 2005 Yahoo survey showed only about 12% of internet users had heard of RSS and only 4% have knowingly used RSS. With these statistics in mind RSS is an interesting new avenue for distributing content but isn't about to replace email any time soon.

Why would I want to publish my newsletters via RSS/XML or create an HTML web archive?

Allowing website visitors to receive your content via RSS/XML is important for several reasons: Frequently you'll see an icon like RSS icon designating that RSS content is available from a website.

An HTML web archive is used for many of the same reasons you would use an RSS/XML feed. The difference with an HTML web archive is that someone visiting your website can click directly to the archive and view your newsletter content without the need for special RSS readers. This allows you to instantly have new email newsletters published to your website without having to do this manually.

How do I publish my content via RSS/XML or the HTML web archive?

Include the following links on your website to allow visitors to access your RSS or HTML archives.

Feed Broadcaster:

What is the Feed Broadcaster?

The Feed Broadcaster allows you to create an email newsletter broadcast automatically from RSS/XML content.

For example, if you publish a blog you might have an opt-in subscribe box on the page and use the Feed Broadcaster to send automatic email newsletter updates when you publish new blog content.

The Feed Broadcaster is not limited to just RSS content on blogs, any content created thru an RSS or XML data source can be used to automatically create email newsletters.

Feed Broadcaster Interface Example

How do I create a Feed Broadcast?

To start a newsletter based on RSS/XML content follow these steps:

What RSS formats are supported?

Feed Broadcaster is compatible with:

Are templates available?

Yes, pre-designed HTML and text templates are available for Feed Broadcasts. These templates come in many different psychological designs and color schemes and are easily loaded with the click of a single button.

How are new story items detected?

The item link URL is used uniquely determine a new story.

If a previously published story has its URL changed on your publishing side it may potentially cause the story to be sent out again as a broadcast. Be careful in editing previously published stories if you do not intend for them to be re-broadcast.

What order are multiple story items published in the email?

Publishing multiple stories in a single feed broadcast will appear in oldest to newest order with the oldest story appearing at the top of the email.

How frequently do we check for new story items?

Currently all RSS/XML feeds are checked every three hours or less.

When are emails sent with new stories?

Emails are sent to the subscribers that requested that information when the appropriate number of story items are detected. If the "Send Automatically" option is selected then the broadcast is sent immediately. If left unchecked, you will need to login and manually queue the message for sending after you approve it.