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Core Autoresponder & Newsletter Features:

Checking out the competition? See our extensive feature list below, if there is a specific feature you're looking for that you don't see listed please contact us.

Unlimited Autoresponder and Follow Up Campaigns:

Unlimited autoresponders, follow up messages, and campaigns are at the heart of the OptinZip system! Take advantage of the complete control we give you over your messages:

Subscriber Management:

Your opt-in leads are your livelihood! Import, export, and organize them with OptinZip's subscriber features:

Unlimited Newsletter Messages:

Want even more marketing power? Try OptinZip's broadcast messages:

Reports and Statistics:

How do you know that your OptinZip account is working for you? Which of your ads is generating the most leads?

Message Personalization:

Prompt results, and create messages that are more valuable to your leads by taking advantage of OptinZip's many personalization features:

Ad Tracking:

You put a good deal of time and effort into your marketing campaigns. Let OptinZip keep track of each campaign's success!

Customer Support:

Stop settling for bad customer support with competitors. OptinZip's friendly Customer Support team know our services and the opt-in email industry inside and out.

Learn how to save time, automate follow up, and increase profits with OptinZip.